Cabeza Chocolaterie offer you the most coveted pleasures of Mexico,
from the Mayalands - the birthplace of real chocolate.
Let yourself be carried by the mystical and pure taste of chocolate products from Ah Cacao Real Chocolate
that brings you the complete real chocolate experience direct from Criollo cacao growers, originally used by
the Maya, whose quality is exceptional.

Ah Cacao Real Chocolate's PRODUCTS

Dark 72%
chocolate bar

Rare Origine

80 g

Price : $5.95


Price : $18.00

Criollo cocoa powder

200 g

Price : $6.25

Roasted Cocoa Nibs

100 g

Price : $6.95

vanilla extract

120 ml

Price : $15.00

Three whole
vanilla beans pods from Papantla Veracruz

Price : $12.00

Chocolate body bar

Handmade from cocoa & coconut butter for deep moisturizing

100 g

Price : $5.00

Cacao moisturizing
Body Cream

50 g

Price : $12.50

Prices subject to change without notice

You can place your order by phone 450-774-7193
or email at

Ah Cacao is a proud supporter of wildlife conservation. To preserve the natural paradise of Maya lands, your purchases of
Ah Cacao Real Chocolate products give a supports to the local families and wildlife programs in Mexico.

Ah Cacao Real Chocolate
is located at Playa del Carmen
Riviera Maya, Mexico

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